Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal " I Do"

Did You Watch?
I must admit, I spent  most of the the morning wrapped up in a real-life fairy tale.
I mean, it is kind of...a once in a life time event.
I didn't set the alarm but was awakened at 5:30 am, by Robby as he got dressed to hit  
"The H.O.P" {short for ~House of Pain}
I missed the vows but, no worries....So much coverage. I'm all caught up now. 
I didn't have any Hot Tea or crumpets this morning. But, I did enjoy two cups of my beloved coffee an a English muffin.

Where were you on April 29, 2011?

My Girl {Lucy} went to a Royal slumber party with her Aunt Jennjee.  I was told, Lucy was in fact up to witness Kate, the commoner become a real-life Princess. 
Something I'm sure, Lucy will always remember.

Speaking of Remembering 

Please remember to continue to pray for all the people effected by the deadly tornadoes here in the south.
A very humbling picture of a grandmother comforting her grandchildren, who have lost everything. Making me wonder....Where are the children's parents?

Oh... how easily we take a hot cup of coffee and a fair-tale wedding for granted.

~Filling incredibly thankful!

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