Friday, April 1, 2011

"Gettin A Bit Nervous"

  My sister, Jennifer and I have stepped up and signed up to be "Camp Moms" for a Girl Scout camp-out this weekend.  We are both new to this and it is our girls (Brownies) first camp-out.  They all have worked so hard selling cookies to earn their own money to attend, "PEACE OUT GIRL SCOUTS" camp. {That is the theme this year}  It is also the first time for a few of the girls to spend the whole weekend away without one or both of their parents.  I think, that is what is making me a bit nervous? What if one child begins to cry and wants to go home........What if one gets sick? What if?  What if? So many "what if (s)" come to mine.   I don't know if your like me? Seems when I plan an adventurer, vacation or event with my children, I always think........"This is going to be great!"  "We are going to have so much fun!"  "Can't wait for the kids to meet, so in so!"  THEN SUDDENLY.........the worst thought comes to mind and instantly anxiety kicks in. Am I the only one who does this or is that just a "MOM THING?  {shaking all bad thoughts out of my head} Okay, enough panic Patti!  Time for happy and positive thoughts!

All packed........Ready or Not here we come!

My Homemade Camp Tee


To Be Continued.............

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