Monday, March 28, 2011

Today is the Day!

Okay so I'm going to start a little blog here......kind of my own little diary/sneak peek into my life, if you will. I thought about this for a while now . My guilty pleasure lately has been reading so many fabulous blogs. So many inspiring Mothers, interesting careers, great crafting ideas, decorating tips & Shhhhh! Very informative sports Goo-Roos.  
 I've always been interested in the out come of someone or something. So does that make me nosie?

I just turned 39 last week and thought this was a good time to just jump in and start blogging. So here it goes......

Not sure what turning 39 means to start blogging? Guess it's better now than never? Besides, I missed the New Year starting point. Time sure does fly on this little journey of mine.  --
{when I find the website I got these cute DIY cut-outs I will post}
Wanted to do something silly & fun! No black, "Over the Hill stuff " I just wanted it to be a day to laugh, and enjoy my beautiful family!
Indeed it was a wonderful day!
My Mama' & I, She is always up for a good laugh! LOVE her to pieces!

Hahaha! My not the silly type. Got to LOVE the effort! xoxo!

My Lucy Rae!
My sister "Jennjee" & Max

Lily? Or is it the little Monopoly guy?

Mark "The Aussie", Jennjee & Emma Kate
My sisters beautiful family!
E.K. your Hot!

Aren't they so handsome.......speaking of handsome, what about my furry, four legged son "Deuce"
Granny & her Grand-pup

Well..... there you have it, I blogged my first blog and I have officially turned No: 39.
I must say, God is Good!  I am so blessed!

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