Friday, July 22, 2011

TEXAS Daycation, BRONCO Nation & SPONGE Painting

Nothing better than a "DAY-CATION" on a whim.

Got to talking last week how the kids have never been to the state of Texas.

Our BIG OLE' Western Neighbors!
I think I smell a Day-cation!  
I also smell Houston Astros Tickets and maybe, just maybe, a faint whiff of...
{the place I've never been}

We packed a bag and jumped in the car for a 24 hour whirlwind tour of Houston, Texas.
Our last little summer "hoorah" before 
the "Bronco Nation" kicks off!

Here is a little bit of what our whirlwind looked  like....

Minute Maid Park for the Kids first NBL game

Houston Astros Vs Pittsburgh Pirates   

Eat More Fowl

 Astros Win 6 to 4
~That was Fun!

Faith and Family Night in Minute Maid Park
 The David Crowder Band performed after the game.
It was late and the Allen's were all pooped out so
we only stayed for a few songs before retiring to our  Downtown Houston's humble Abode. 

Nite Nite!

Good Morning!

Morning Swim

The Houston Galleria

We found JB in Macy's

Enough of the Galleria......time to hunt down Ikea

BUT first, A trip to Houston wouldn't be complete without getting super lost and ironically stumbling across Rice University's football stadium and practice field.
Add another football stadium to Max's tour list.

NO! Must you really tackle the dummies? 
It's 114°F outside, it's going on 2:00pm, we're 4 in half hours from home and super lost in Houston......Ugh! 
I'm starting to get the feeling that Ikea is never going to happen. :(
After another hour of twisting, turning, exiting and entering freeways, we finely decide to just stop and ask for directions to Ikea.
 Darn! Why didn't I order that 
Spanish Rosetta Stone?
(If you have ever been to Houston than you know that speaking Spanish is a must)

Still lost and now we find ourselves in the parking lot of The Lakewood Church.
Yep! Joel Osteen's Church
Robby is chomping at the bit to go inside, hoping to catch a service or better yet, meet Pastor Osteen.  
I must say, he is awesome and very inspirational but
I've got to get to Ikea before it closes.

I know what your thinking....Turn on your GPS or just "Google Map" the directions from your handy dandy little cell phone. 
Well.... That would be great if  we owned a "Tom Tom" or if we had Internet service on our phones.
Just got unlimited Texting!
One thing at a time people!
Also stopping and buying a paper map of Houston would be so.... "Pioneer." 
To be honest, it didn't even occur to me to  
purchase a map. 
Do they even make those anymore?

One thing left to my sister on my handy dandy cell phone and see if she could please Google Map the directions, from Lakewood Church to Houston's Ikea.

We made it!
Thanks Jennjee!

Lucy enjoying an Ikea Swedish meatball.
I LOVED it and can't wait to visit again.
Robby, on the other hand......would rather be back in the US Army boot camp gas chamber. 

All is well, back home safely form our Houston 
"day-cation." Max has fully recovered from mono and has now been released from the doctor. Just in time for "BRONCO NATION" on Monday.
Max's 7th and final season playing for the Prairieville Broncos. 
Praying for no injuries.....Them some BigO' boys.
Makes this Mama' a bit uneasy.
 Lucy has been practicing her cheers & dances.
Making spirit throws and preparing for the 2011 football season. 

I wanted to end this post with a little DIY video on rainbow sponge painting that I first saw 

Wow! I love the passion....Just breath taking!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Krispie Summer Fun! VOTE & Could Win $100

Fun and Cute Rice Krispies Treats!
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Let Freedom Ring!

Let Freedom Ring!
Don't you just LOVE this poster?
 Original Source of  photo Unknown
Found on Pinterest and

 Boat Parade
I Loved this little boat... New York/The Big Apple and The Statue of Liberty. Too Cute!

"Time to get out of the water and enjoy the fireworks on dry land ladies!"
If you look closely{above} you can see Lucy & my Niece, Emma still in the water.

Chillin on the beach and watching the spectacular firework show.
The girls had fun dancing with the newly added strobe lights and fog machine.
hahaha! Emma has the best moves!

 Celebrating our Independence with
Sweets! Sweets! and ....More Sweets!

The dessert madness didn't stop there people! 
It was a must to try the
Inside Out S'mores
mentioned in my last post.

Delicious as always
Very messy to eat!
I love the idea of stuffing the marsh-mellow with chocolate chips, but....
Next time I will traditionally smash the 
marsh-mellow with melted chips between two graham crackers.
In hopes to lessen the messy fingers.

Sandcastle Contest!
Emma's big cupcake idea turned into a precious sea turtle.

   Lucy & I thought it would be cool to build 
a large Fleur-de-Lis
{not so easy}

The girls worked really hard and the Mama's dripped with sweat, helping tote water and sand. Trying to keep our sanity without any coffee due to a major power outage that morning.

2011 Lake Rosemound 4th of July
Sandcastle Champs!
The hard work paid off!
Another blue ribbon! 
I think this makes 5 years in a row?

The Allen's are now off to "The Wood" for more Family, Food and Freedom Fun!
My Nephew Eddie
Happy First Independence Day!

What a proud Uncle!
 Welcome to "Robs Barber Shop"

My Niece Lily!
The men grilled some stakes that Nindy picked up from Cutrer's Slaughter House.
Nindy made her famous potato salad.
{Every time I eat her potato salad, I miss the old cafe St. George} 
More Sweets!
The Blueberry & Strawberry trifle that 
Kelly made was to die for!
  Huge Hit! :p Yummy!
(The picture above isn't Kelly's trifle all thou hers looked just a beautiful!)
Oh! I almost forgot to mention... Kelly used fresh picked blueberries off of  Mr. Andy's bush. 
{Explains the heavenly goodness}
It was a wonderful 4th of July weekend.
 I am blessed!