Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal " I Do"

Did You Watch?
I must admit, I spent  most of the the morning wrapped up in a real-life fairy tale.
I mean, it is kind of...a once in a life time event.
I didn't set the alarm but was awakened at 5:30 am, by Robby as he got dressed to hit  
"The H.O.P" {short for ~House of Pain}
I missed the vows but, no worries....So much coverage. I'm all caught up now. 
I didn't have any Hot Tea or crumpets this morning. But, I did enjoy two cups of my beloved coffee an a English muffin.

Where were you on April 29, 2011?

My Girl {Lucy} went to a Royal slumber party with her Aunt Jennjee.  I was told, Lucy was in fact up to witness Kate, the commoner become a real-life Princess. 
Something I'm sure, Lucy will always remember.

Speaking of Remembering 

Please remember to continue to pray for all the people effected by the deadly tornadoes here in the south.
A very humbling picture of a grandmother comforting her grandchildren, who have lost everything. Making me wonder....Where are the children's parents?

Oh... how easily we take a hot cup of coffee and a fair-tale wedding for granted.

~Filling incredibly thankful!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

To Watch or NOT to Watch?

That is the question!
  If you are opting NOT to wake up at 5:00am {central time} to see the wedding of the season.
I'm afraid there will be no escaping all the news coverage, soooo..... you just may need this little bag on hand.  

I thought this was to cute to pass up. I made one as a "gag gift" {no pun intended} for my friend, Marla's birthday. I knew she would get a kick out of it. Who by the way, will not be needing it, as she is always "up" for a great Love Story. Maybe she will hand it over to her husband? 
I wouldn't want to be an Indian giver, so I guess I'll be making another one for my husband, whom I'm sure will use it. ;p

If you are opting to set the alarm clock at 5:00 am to watch the wedding.... 
You just may need a strong cup of Royal Hot Tea!
Aren't they cute?
After seeing these adorable little tea bags online and not having time to order a few for myself. 
What is a girl to do?
Make her own, right! 

I was only (9) when Prince Charles and Lady Die were married. I remember all the "Hoopla" on the news and watching the wedding on TV. Can't recall if I was excited to watch it or if that was just all that was on the three channels we had?

Will you be watching or Not?



Tuscaloosa, Ala. Wednesday, April 27, 2011

 Please take a moment to pray for all of the people who were affected by the devastating tornadoes that ripped through 5 of the southeast states last night and this past week. 
Just Heartbreaking!

Wishing you all a safe, blessed and Royal weekend! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Redeemer Lives

Hope everyone had a peaceful and blessed Easter weekend? 
This is a song/artist my husband introduced  me to several years ago. Indulge me and please, take a few minuets to embrace the powerful words.
My Redeemer Lives 
Nicole C. Mullen

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Week! Good Friday!

No sooner did I begin and all most finish writing  the "Weekend Blur" Monday morning, which was in fact a long post. I found myself running late for work and had to put the posting on hold and "book-it" to work for I had people with very important car interior issues to be taken care of.
Anyway on my way to work, my brother-in-law {Robby's brother} Mark, Not to be confused with my other brother-in-law Mark {my sister Jennifer's husband, the Aussie} calls to tell me it's "BABY TIME!" They were about to head to the hospital. WooHoo!
Long story delivery short: My sister-in-law Kelly, never dilated enough, plus cord was wrapped all around the "little booger" and had to deliver by
C-Section at 2:30 am. Yes! {a.m.} the next day. Tuesday April 19, 2011 we welcomed my nephew, Eddie Jay Vetter.

I have a NEPHEW!
I've never had a Nephew before and I'm so excited!
Sitting on Max's lap is my sweet little Niece, Lily {the BIG Sister} and of course, the Allen crew......"Goo~Goo-in" over our newest blessing!
Proud Pop with his Boy!
Little Eddie is yawning in the picture...Isn't he so cute?

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

New Orleans

Tuesday Robby & I were able to take the day off of work to attend Lucy Rae's 2nd grade class field trip to the Aquarium in New Orleans. We were also lucky to have had the opportunity to ride the Calco bus with 90 screaming 8 year olds. Lucky? Maybe because it was much cheaper to ride the bus than it would have been to drive our own car. {Gas is $3.70 per gallon} 90 excited and very loud 8 Yr. Olds...ummm, Not so LUCKY!
After staying up til 3:30 in the morning with my phone in my hand, texting back in forth with my Mother-in-law on the prognosis of "Mama" & safe arrival of the baby.
Sleep deprivation, screaming children and a lack of caffeine made for a long trip to New Orleans.
After two Excedrin Migraines kicked in, I got a 2nd wind... Thank the Lord!

Lucy petting the Rays
It was a Good Day!
It is Spring and Baseball is in full swing!
After a quick visit at the Hospital to meet our little Eddie, we rushed off to Max's baseball game.

next: Topping off a short work & school week...

Max has Guest Appearance with
The Crushers!
A BIG Thank you to the Pierce/Kavanaugh family for thinking of Max, when in need of an extra player Thursday night. It was truly a honor to have had the opportunity to play with a great group of kids & coaches.
It was Fun!
Double Zero!

I think it was cool... Max didn't think twice about it when asked to play. Max said, "Whatever number, whatever position and with whomever is willing to let me play."
Kids just want to play!
What an unexpected blessing!

It's Good Friday and I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Easter Holiday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekend Blur!

What a blur of a weekend...
First: Let me me fix a cup of much needed coffee on this Monday morning, sit back, unwind and rewind.

~Fortune Friday~
~Skate & Tigers Saturday~
~ Niece or Nephew Anticipation Sunday~
Warning: You may need to a cup of coffee yourself, this may be a long post.

Now.....let me quickly take you back a few weeks ago while cooking dinner, kids doing homework and of course as always the TV was on. In fact Wheel of Fortune was on and Max saw a runner, running across the bottom of the TV screen, advertising that Wheel of Fortune would be taping shows in New Orleans. All you need to do was, send in a self addressed, stamped envelope, for a chance to win tickets to the tapping's. Max said, "Mama!" "Try to win some tickets for Granny."
"She would love that!"
Soooo....why not, right?
To my surprise just a few days later in the mail I received,
(4) tickets!

After a week of  Work, LEAP testing & two baseball GAMES...Friday was here. Max had early dismissal & I check Lucy out of school after her math test. Then Mama, Max, Lucy & I head to New Orleans to see about a lady named, Vanna & a man named, Pat.

After becoming delirious from standing and waiting in line for almost 2 hours we finally made it to the third row. Right in front of a local New Orleans Zydeco band.
~Rockin Dopsie Jr. & The Zydeco Twisters~

They were Great!
We watched (3) shows that will air, May 2nd, May 3rd, & May 4th....(9) different contestants, (3) wardrobe changes and lots of  bloopers.
The cameras did scan the audience many times, at the speed of light! Just a prediction...ummm, You may not spot us in the audience but I can assure you, you'll hear us.

We did lots of Applauding!

RULES: Cameras & phones were prohibited!!!

No pictures and No food or drinks
You will be told to leave and be escorted out of the building IMMEDIATELY!! 
Of course, the temptation was killing me to pull my camera out but dared not! For I was sure sirens would go off and bright spot lights would zone right in on me.  OMG! My palms were sweating and my heart was pounding.....dieing to just get one picture. Telling myself, "It's not worth it." Thinking, I really should of left my camera in the car so I wouldn't be so tempted.
{At this point, I'm feeling a strong connection with Eve and the forbidden apple}
I don't remember the whole first show....I couldn't think or focus on anything else but getting a picture of that fabulous stage & Vanna's spectacular dress. 
The first show ended and suddenly I hear.... "As Pat & Vanna leave for wardrobe change and our new contestants come out, you are welcome to walk around, go to the restroom, AND TAKE PICTURES!" WHAT?  Did he say we could take a picture?
Oh Boy!! I was so excited that I didn't leave my camera in the car.
 If you'll notice, Max has a mouth full of M&M's that Pat Sajacks security guy gave Lucy. {Hints, No food or drinks!} Ugh!
Mama' sitting in the audience. {3rd Row}

Bummer, No pictures of Vanna or Pat but it was Fun!
After the shows, we headed to "Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant" to grab a bite.

It was a "Fun Fortune Friday!"

Saturday: We all were invited to a "Roller Revolution" for our dear friend's son's 8th birthday.

This should be interesting! {it's only been about 30 years since Rob put skates on}

I opted to NOT skate, even though I was once a pro skater!
Lucy & and my beautiful friend, Marla

Happy to announce, no one suffered any major injuries. 
I know what your thinking.....
"Awww, Max is helping his little sister with her skates."
This is where pictures can become deceiving....he is in fact ripping her foot off  from her leg because she couldn't get her skates off fast enough.
Well ya see...Max was in an extreme hurry to get out of Skate Galaxy, for he had a date with a few buddys of his out at "The Box" to watch the LSU Tigers & the Auburn Tigers War Eagles play a little baseball.

Max, needless to say made it out to "The Box" with his buddy's Blake, Kyle & Coach Dean.
From what I gather...Max scooped up, Mikie Mahtook's foul ball and later got the whole LSU Tiger baseball team to sign it.

Max, Austin Nola {Tigers short stop}& Blake

Knowing if I had been there the "Mama-razzi" would have been in full swing. But that's all I got folks! This high quality photo from Blake's camera phone or is it a phone camera?


Sunday after church I made my new Niece / Nephew a little Easter onesie.
Thinking to myself, 'What could be boy or girl....humm, how about a carrot?"
My Bother-in-law, Marky{Rob's brother} & Sister-in-law, Kelly are expecting a baby any day now... for sure by Wed. April 20th.
Aunt Patti, must have goodies for new baby & my precious niece, Lily. {the BIG Sister}
The little carrot was so darn CUTE! I had to make Lily a matching shirt.
little Carrot & BIG Carrot

Well there you have it, my BLESSED & very GREATFUL weekend blur!