Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Fever in Franie!

Spring is a great time of year
Winter's gone, now all can cheer!

After a day of yard work at the lake, I took the kiddos to have a little fun in the sun. 

 Y'all ROCK!

A huge THANK YOU to Robby & Mark for being so AWESOME and without any hesitation always willing to help out Granny. Xoxox!
The House "Pepop" & "Memom" Built
In the mid 70's,  my Grandfather "Pepop" & my Grandmother "Memom" retired and built this casual, "A" frame, 3 bedroom, 2 bath house on Lake Rosemound in St. Francisville, Louisiana.  I have spent many summers and long weekends here throughout most of my life.  
I miss my grandparents everyday.
My Mother now lives in the house and I'm so greatful that my children get to experience this little slice of heaven.

One of my favorite thing to do up at the lake, is sit on the porch and as my Pepop would say, "Just Gab."
And Oh, how I miss "gabbing" with my Pepop.

Water was still a bit cold and the kids were told they couldn't getting their ears wet.  They couldn't go any deeper than their knees.
Not so much because the water was too cold.....but
  because my Mother-in-law called me on the way up to the Lake and said, "Be careful if you go swimming!" "I had a dream last night that Lucy drowned." 
Knowing they all would be just fine under my watch, I didn't want to test her premonition. So... I made some excuse up and said, "you kids have LEAP testing this week at school and you can't afford to get sick, getting your ears wet." 
Respecting my rules, as good little children do, they entertained themselves by netting minnows and digging mini ponds in the sand to trap them in.

Emma's cute little minnow.
{poor fella}
Speeking of "Poor Fella"......Max thought he would be "Jaws."
 No worries!
He didn't really eat him but he sure did make the girls scream!
Once again, because they were told, "no swimming," they decided to race eachother up and down the beach. Hoping to accidentally fall in the water.....oops!

Time to get out the water, play a little b-ball & dry off.
Another blessed day!

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