Tuesday, April 5, 2011



We made it and honestly, it   was   fun!  No one became sick, no one cried for their Mommies, no stings, no cuts, no bites {well, no snake bites}, bumps, or bruises.   We all survived..... a little sleep-deprived but we all returned in one piece.  Not sure how soon I would want to do it again, lol!  But I definitely would do it again. We couldn't have asked for better weather, which made "roughing it" not so bad.  Technically, I don't think it counts as "roughing it", when you have an electric fan blowing on you all night, you didn't have to pitch a tent and a toilet is just a short 20 yards away.  I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience a weekend with such amazing little girls and witnessing lifetime memories. 

Our Camp Unit

What every girl does best when they get together..........break out the junk food!

Of course.........Girl Scout Camp would not be complete without Samoas!

Getting Ready for the Canoes and learning..........

Team Work!

My Girl

I Loved all the signs around camp

SWAP Time!


Yes! We did meet up with one of my biggest fears.

Our Cabin
{Note: to your right, just 20 yards away..... yep, bathrooms}

Inside our cabin


Guess Lucy was feeling a bit "In touch with Nature" after a weekend camping.


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