Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Week! Good Friday!

No sooner did I begin and all most finish writing  the "Weekend Blur" Monday morning, which was in fact a long post. I found myself running late for work and had to put the posting on hold and "book-it" to work for I had people with very important car interior issues to be taken care of.
Anyway on my way to work, my brother-in-law {Robby's brother} Mark, Not to be confused with my other brother-in-law Mark {my sister Jennifer's husband, the Aussie} calls to tell me it's "BABY TIME!" They were about to head to the hospital. WooHoo!
Long story delivery short: My sister-in-law Kelly, never dilated enough, plus cord was wrapped all around the "little booger" and had to deliver by
C-Section at 2:30 am. Yes! {a.m.} the next day. Tuesday April 19, 2011 we welcomed my nephew, Eddie Jay Vetter.

I have a NEPHEW!
I've never had a Nephew before and I'm so excited!
Sitting on Max's lap is my sweet little Niece, Lily {the BIG Sister} and of course, the Allen crew......"Goo~Goo-in" over our newest blessing!
Proud Pop with his Boy!
Little Eddie is yawning in the picture...Isn't he so cute?

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

New Orleans

Tuesday Robby & I were able to take the day off of work to attend Lucy Rae's 2nd grade class field trip to the Aquarium in New Orleans. We were also lucky to have had the opportunity to ride the Calco bus with 90 screaming 8 year olds. Lucky? Maybe because it was much cheaper to ride the bus than it would have been to drive our own car. {Gas is $3.70 per gallon} 90 excited and very loud 8 Yr. Olds...ummm, Not so LUCKY!
After staying up til 3:30 in the morning with my phone in my hand, texting back in forth with my Mother-in-law on the prognosis of "Mama" & safe arrival of the baby.
Sleep deprivation, screaming children and a lack of caffeine made for a long trip to New Orleans.
After two Excedrin Migraines kicked in, I got a 2nd wind... Thank the Lord!

Lucy petting the Rays
It was a Good Day!
It is Spring and Baseball is in full swing!
After a quick visit at the Hospital to meet our little Eddie, we rushed off to Max's baseball game.

next: Topping off a short work & school week...

Max has Guest Appearance with
The Crushers!
A BIG Thank you to the Pierce/Kavanaugh family for thinking of Max, when in need of an extra player Thursday night. It was truly a honor to have had the opportunity to play with a great group of kids & coaches.
It was Fun!
Double Zero!

I think it was cool... Max didn't think twice about it when asked to play. Max said, "Whatever number, whatever position and with whomever is willing to let me play."
Kids just want to play!
What an unexpected blessing!

It's Good Friday and I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Easter Holiday!

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