Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Water for Elephants & Haywire Emotions

The Allen family did enjoy spending time with family members & friends over the past Easter week. The kids enjoyed being out of school, no homework, late to bed & late to rise. While Max & Lucy were visiting with "Nindy" {Rob's Mother} up at "The Wood."  {aka Kentwood, Louisiana}  Robby & I had a rare opportunity.....a date night at the movies to see, Water for Elephants. I  Loved  It!  Robby, in the end, admitted he really enjoyed it too. 
Considering he was clueless about the movie and was positive his "A.D.D" would kick in five minutes into the movie. Five minutes?  What!  His A.D.D apparently kicked in as soon as I told him the title of the movie. 
 As Robby approached the ticket booth to buy tickets, He said to the lady, 
" Two tickets to... Beer for my Horses."  
:) {giggling} 
Of course... I thought that was AWESOME!  
I LOVE him to the moon & back! 

Switching gears...The past week has also been interesting & very emotional to say the lest.  

{Reflecting back on the week} 

From Rejoicing in the Resurrection of my Redeemer to.... Devastating Tornadoes Across the Southern States, getting lost in a Royal "Fairy-tale" Wedding and then to sum it up with the Death of America's Most Wanted Terrorist.  {Osama Bin Laden}

I don't know about you? But my emotions went "haywire" within seconds of hearing the breaking news that the US Navy Seals had killed Bin Laden.

 Not sure if I felt proud, happy, sad, scared, angry, relieved....

I just wanted to leave you with this:
When my emotions are confused, I always look for answers or comfort in the bible. Letting "the book" just open on its own.... this is the verse that stood out and once again put me at eases. 

God is my shield, saving those whose hearts are true and right. ~Psalm 7:10

Amazing how that works!

Have a blessed day!

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