Saturday, May 28, 2011

Questions & Answers

Lots of questions have been floating around the blogging world I thought I would take a stab at answering a few myself.

What are your mornings like? 
My typical day begins with a hot cup of coffee {or two} around 5:45 am and sitting down at my laptop to read & answer my emails. {Rob, up and out the house already for a little guy bonding at the "H.O.P" (House of Pain) to work out.}  While trying to enjoy my morning  routine,  there is always a constant interruption...."Wake up Max!" "Max!" "Get UP!" "Come eat your breakfast!"  Just sitting back down at the laptop from making Max's breakfast...."crap!" Now the dog needs to go out. "Max get your hair done and brush your teeth, your bus is coming!"

Now that Max is on the bus, time to wake up Lucy for school. 
"Chee-poo, Time to get up!" {Chee-poo, Lucy's little nickname} Same routine as above: Except after sitting back down from making Lucy's breakfast...."crap!"  The dog is now whining to come back inside. 
Kids off to school and Rob off to work.
I do a little laundry, clean up kitchen, most mornings {weather permitting} I go walking. Get dressed and head on out the door, off to work myself. 

What is your typical work day?
For those of you who don't know me....
Welcome to my office!
I know...your wondering, what the heck is all that unorganized hoopla?
Well, first you have my tool box {the yellow thing on the left} it contains:  Bags of fabric fibers, razor blades, tape, glues, markers, colored pencils, sandpaper, many colors of paint (dye), and your basic screwdriver & pliers.     
Next you have a pink basket, to the right of toolbox, full of  rags, cleaners and lots of small bottles of custom mixed paint (dye). 
The white box is full of larger bottles of black, white & primary colors of paint (dye).
Behind that white box is an air compressor and a small touch up paint gun attached to an air hose.
To the far left that is just two folding chairs, used for sporting events or whenever I may just need to have a seat. 
To the far right, the bright green handle, that is my awesome clear bubble umbrella. {$15- from Target} Love that thing...allows me to sit in the rain and still watch cheer, football & baseball practice, while staying dry. Yes! We still practice in the rain here in Prairieville, just not if it is thundering & lightning. These people are serious about their pee-wee sports!
I have been working for Custom Colors Paint & Body Shop for 16 years now. I don't technical work at the body shop on a daily bases. I'm mobile.... explaining all the hoopla in my trunk office. I travel  to several different car dealerships around the Baton Rouge area, walking the used PRE-owned car lots looking inside each car for issues that may prevent the sale of the car. I "repair" not "replace" but REPAIR, car interior....cuts, cigarette burn holes, cracks, warn areas in leather and cloth seats, door panels, dashboards and carpet. 
The weather has got to be the hardest part of my job.
When it is HOT it's HOT and when it's COLD it's COLD and when it RAINS....well, I can't work and I don't make any MONEY.
I must say...I'm not a fan of  the Summer!
Well there ya have it, my glorious & exciting work day.
I know, your just green with envy? lol!

Which leads me to the next question & answer.

What else would you have considered being?

Lots of different occupations come to mind:
A Teacher 
{I would love to spend my summers poolside with my children}
An Architect 
{Ugh! Do you really need to know that much math to design & build something?}
Interior Decorator 
{I love to shop! Oh! The possibilities with someone else's money!} 
Fashion Designer 
{hahaha! Coming from the girl who lives in t-shirts, shorts or jeans all the time}
Famous Artist 
{Do you need to be dead to be a famous artist?}
Do I think the job I'm doing, is the job I was born to do? No! But it has worked for me and my family this far. I do my best at it because I want to be the best!
  Although the money always comes hard, this job has allowed me to have more TIME with my children and allowed me to be the teacher everyday.
This job has allowed me to have the freedom to build, design, decorate and create my own space.
I've had the privilege to be a fashion designer and design outfits for the most beautiful girl in the world. 

I'm not a "famous" artist and never have even taken an art class before. But I would like to think I'm an artist.  
Art is in the eye of the beholder.
A portrait of our first white boxer, Presley! 
I just want to teach my children to work hard, be nice to others and do their best at whatever they do in life. 
God has truly blessed me with so many colorful hats to wear... my Mom hat, is by far my favorite!

What inspires you?
Need I say more!

Whats one thing you splurge on for yourself?
Hummm.....for myself? Can't think of even one thing? 

What is playing on your ipod?
Truth be told...I don't have an ipod but I do download songs now and then on Max or Lucy's ipod. Last couple of songs I downloaded for myself were Price Tag ~by Jessie J. & B.O.B and Rolling in the Deep ~by ADELE.
I like just about any music, just as long as I can understand the words. 
I've always been a "Top 40" Fan!

What do you want when you retire?
Wow! Retire? 
I don't know if that will ever happen...
I think I will always work doing something but whatever that something may be.... I sure would like to do it here, here or here.
Ahhh! No grass to cut!

Imagine waking up to that most mornings.
Makes you want to sing..."Give God the Glory"
Again! Ahhhh! No Grass to Cut!

Do you regret anything?
Maybe a few silly things that really don't even amount to a 
hill O'beans. 

Why do I blog?
Well first of all I happen to be the worst scrap booker on the planet. All the cute little stickers, hole punches, stamps and pretty papers, make me crazy. To many ideas start to clog my brain creating what I call, "scrap bookers block." My solution to the madness of bags, shelves and drawers packed full of pictures...

This way the "Mama-razzi" can organize the millions of photos & share with others my journal/scrapbook.
The second reason for my starting a blog, is life goes by so fast and can get a bit crazy sometimes. I want to have something to reflect on. I mean darn, I can't remember what I just walked in the kitchen to get, let alone what took place last Monday. 
Lastly, not knowing this would happen but by journaling/blogging has helped me keep my priorities in check. Reminding myself of the great big bundle of little blessing in my life.
I just want to remind all of you, who may read my blog, that this is just a little peek into our life. We as a family don't just sit around crafting & posing for pictures everyday. We do try our best to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ, enjoy what our God has created and not easily, may I add, except the cards we are dealt.  Yes, as  imperfect beings we will fail, get frustrated or angry, judge others and become jealous or green with envy time and time again. 

"If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men" (1 Corinthians 15:19).



Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

that was a fun read! your little ones are too ca-ute! you ever go to the Paretti dealerships? i grew up with that family.

Fleur de Lis Blessings said...

Thanks Tiffany! Only a few times have I ever been to the Jag/Land Rover dealership.