Monday, May 23, 2011

Bieber "Max" Fever, Schools Out & Lucy's 8


Another school year gone!

Max ended his 7th grade year leaving his classmates with some "Bieber Fever" better yet.... 
"Max Fever!"
{Click link below and to check out video!}

Baby Baby!

Max as {Justin Bieber} and Myles as {Ludacris}

PVM School 2011 Talent Show.


What brave boys! I would of never had the guts....Loved it!

Lucy ended her 2nd grade school year with a 4.0 and a birthday!

So proud of my girl....She is so amazing! Smart, 
funny, sweet and beautiful!

Happy Birthday Lucy Rae!

When Max came home Friday 
from school, he literally had fever & not "Biebir Fever"....102 fever, head ache, throat on fire and was exhausted. 
~Two Ibuprofen and off to bed. Waking up Saturday morning around 6:30am with now a fever of 103. He could hardly move, aching all over.
~Two more Ibuprofen and back to bed... 
Super bummed he was missing his baseball game and later a trip to Blue Bayou Water Park for Lucy's birthday! 

Yes! My baby girl is 8!
A sick brother at home but the birthday must go on.
Dad stayed home to tend to Max in hopes to get him in to see a doctor. {Strep Throat?} While Aunt Jennjee, Uncle Mark & I took Emma and Lucy to the water park for a little birthday fun. 

Came home from the water park to find out Max, has MONONUCLEOSIS  Mono! Yuck!
Not a fun way to kick off the summer.
No sports, No more baseball, No summer football camps, No getting over heated, No weightlifting and No summer sleep overs for 6 to 8 weeks! :(

~ Sick brother or not...Lucy's Birthday continues!

Max came out of hiding to give his sister birthday wishes and his gift.
Lucy is saying, "Not to close, leave the present and back away."
Thanks for the AWESOME Headphones Max!
Friends, Chicken Fettuccine & Ice Cream Cake from Baskin Robbins!
Chocolate cake with Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream....Yummy!

Roller Girl!
Time to chill and watch The Justin Bieber movie, 
Never Say Never.
Best : Day : Ever!!

Happy Birthday Lucy & hope you get to feeling better Max!
Mama Loves You Both!


Anonymous said...

Patti, Lucy looks just like you when you were that age. It brings back a lot of memories. And you, you are just one of the most talented persons I know. What a wonderful mother you have become. I need to get together with Betsy and all of us go to see your mom. I miss you guys! Tk care of those beautiful children and I hope Max gets to feeling better soon. Love you, Lucy

Fleur de Lis Blessings said...

Thank You for all the complements Ms.Lucy, your too kind! God has blessed me with two amazing children and awesome husband...makes being a Mom much easier. Hope your feeling well and taking care of yourself? Maybe y'all can come up to the lake for the 4th. Lots of fun activities. See you soon? XOXO!