Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! 
This is a little bit of what my 
Mother's Day/weekend looked like......

My Girl is too sweet!
My Boys are sweet too!
A new garden hose and dirt!
I really needed a new hose.....
Deuce, {aka Doofus} my four legged son ate my other one.

Who got to sleep-in on Mother's Day? 
Not Me!
Birds! They have in fact built a nest  in my attic, right above bedroom window. They had me up at 4:30am.
The wire you see hanging...that would be my Internet cable. The cable guy came to hide the cable by running it along the soffit, instead along the side of the house.

The cable guys 3rd time to replace the cable and keep it out of Deuce's  "Doofus's" reach. 
Birds must of found the small opening where the cable ran into the attic. Pulled the soffit back and made themselves a happy little home.

What can I say, he loves his family and has a bit of separation anxiety.

Guess I could use some new patio furniture for Mother's Day too. 
Maybe iron furniture?

I Love how he poises for the picture with confidants.  Ears not even back, so proud of what he has done. 
He is indeed "goofy," just a big dumb animal folks!

I'm so thankful that my Mom, Sister and her family came up to 
"The Wood," 
and "The Moms" were all able to shared such a special day together.
My Mom {Granny}  &  Max  

A little Slip & Slide fun!
Ninda's homemade slide ROCKS!

The girls just hanging out and "gabbing" with Ms. Stormy.

Stormy Loves his Max

Max is ready for some trail riding.

wait! Need to STOP....

Had to Stop and pick yummy Blackberries!

Kentwood Blackberries!
If I knew how to make jam, I would!

Ummm, no I wouldn't! 
Not a big fan of cooking.

What a beautiful Mother's Day in "The Wood"

What a blessed day weekend!


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