Monday, June 6, 2011

Planes, Pains & Automobiles

I saw this map titled: 
The United Stereotypes of America 
on a blog I frequent, Pinecone 
thought it was cute and it had me thinking... 
Just when I needed a little humor to ease the pains of this years summer blues. BAM! :) 
I didn't find the  map offensive at all, in fact I laughed.  

 This year it's totally not going to be the Allen family's typical summer Itinerary.  
Normally, on top of a little family vacation...the kids summers are filled with lots of summer camps and a few short stays with each grandmother.

For one, "The Boy" has Mono and can't play any sports or get over heated.  A typical "MAX summer" is filled with playing baseball, attending football camp(s) and speed & weight training camp, so that he is prepared for the upcoming 
BRONCO Football Season. 
Max 6 years old
Which by the way, starts July 19th and will be his 7th and final year to play. 
I'm praying he is over the Mono by then.

It pains me just a bit to think this was his last summer to attend football camps.  This time next summer he will be thinking about....Ugh! I can't hardly say it, High School Sports.

Lucy on the other hand, will be enjoying Cheer Camp, Vacation Bible School and {new for her} Summer Day Camp at Parkview Baptist, a few days a week. At day camp they will have morning bible study, lots of game to play and field trips to the skating rink, zoo, movies, bowling, swimming pool, laser tag and more. 

Another pain in my chest is that Max has planed and already has left for a three week road trip up North to tour the New England states with his Nindy. 
Don't get me wrong the pain isn't Max's grandmother....the key word(s) would be "three weeks." I know he will have a blast and how cool to get to spend so much time being spoiled rotten by your grandmother. 
Miss him dearly....thank the Lord that we have cell phones, texting and AT&T wireless internet. It definitely helps ease the worry pains.

Max & his Cousin David  "Bubbie" in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Roll Tide!

A little fun Allen family tradition is to stop at all major colleges along the way on a road trip.

Max's U.S. Tour of College Football Stadiums 
Max was touring College Football Stadiums before birth.
{That's Max in my belly} 1998

Max in 2005

Now 2011
Go Vols!

Virgina Tech
Home of the Hokies!

Penn. State
Go State!

While in Pennsylvania they visited the Amish County.
Ahhhh! The fresh clean air of Amish Country, NOT!
  Max said it was beautiful but the smell of pig manure will make you want to kill yourself. Hahaha!
Gosh miss that kid already and its only been 4 days...

Lucy has been at Broncos Mini Cheer Camp this week, something she always looks forward to.

Click to watch:

Another Map:
The white wiggly line on the right {from LA to CONN.} is Max's road trip route.
The white straight line... that would be the plane route  Lucy & I will be taking this week.
HOLLYWOOD here we come!

Exciting but even further from "my boy." :(
Oh and the worry pains Robby will have....see where the wiggly line and the straight line begin in Louisiana?
Well, that's were Rob O' will be!
Poor Guy, at Gulf States Electrical Sales.
He is like the hardest working man I know. Always staying late and hardly ever taking vacation. {I mean, darn! He only gets 5 days a year} And when he is on vacation the office, Ugh!... calls a dozen times. I guess it's good to be needed.
Bless his heart!
Maybe we can muster up some extra money and take a little trip to the beach or something for a long weekend away with Dad.

Travel prayers needed! 

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