Friday, August 19, 2011

God Bless plumbers! Bless ‘em all

Good Lawd!!

I just changed out the old toilet seat/lid in the kids bathroom.....ugh!
That was the biggest task disaster!
Trying to get a seven year old, baked on, caked on, DISGUSTING, CRUSTED, URIEN infested, plastic nut off a urine, rusted out, metal bolt. "Boys"

With a capital G!

I'm sure your getting the picture so I'll spare you an actual photo.

Meanwhile, mentally you can picture me sweating like a pig, wedged on my back between the tub and the toilet trying to dismember the foul plastic nut from the urine corroded bolt brilliantly {so I thought} with a heavy duty hot knife.

No tool I had was budging the plastic nut! 

Ahhh! Genius! A hot knife will melt right through that plastic nut and I'll be able to rip it right off. 
Like a charm it worked!

Now for the other side....
the side that has only 8 inches between the tub and the toilet.

On my back we go..... hot knife just inches from my nose. Melting away with determination at that nasty plastic nut. 
At this point the knife is super hot and smoking.
Ahhh, the smell of burning plastic was definitely the smell of victory. 

Installed right outside the bathroom..... yep a smoke detector.
And it works people!

Scared the bejesus out of me!
Suddenly finding myself not just wedged but really stuck. Unable to move my arms or sit up. And don't forget I have a heavy duty hot knife in my face. Rob is at work and kids are at school, yelling for help is pointless. Not sure what to do?
My phone is now ringing and I'm praying for divine supernatural intervention  to push the cute little green button on my phone and accept whomever is callingso I could scream,
"I'm Stuck! "HELP!"
If they could even hear me over the sound of the smoke detector. 

 I was starting to panic and claustrophobia was setting in. I was pretty sure at this point, this is how I'm going to die.... wedged between the tub & toilet.
Whew! Obviously I didn't die and lucky for you, I'm here to blog about it. 
Finally with the grace of God, I freed myself and got the old icky toilet seat changed out.
God Bless you plumbers!
I know.... I KNOW! This is just a snippet of  what your job is like and I'm sure you have even grody(r) stories that I don't even want to imagine. :p
What a humbling job.
Bless'em All!

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